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Q: I've received an email from PayPal or from my bank, or my internet provider that the security has been breached or that I need to update my information. Should I update my information?

A: No. I wouldn't. Most of these are Phishing schemes, which means that they send out phony emails to try and get you to enter your information. Then they have access to your account. If you're unsure and want to check your account, do not sign into your account from the email. Close your email account and open a web browser and sign into your account. The link from the email may look legit, buy it's usually not. Click on the picture below as an example:

Looking at this picture as an example, you'll notice that when you put your mouse over the link that the website has "paypal" in the address, but it also has
"client-records.com". This is NOT PayPal. The PayPal site is simply "paypal.com" without any other words or anything. If you were to follow the link from this page in the picture it will open a page that looks like PayPal, but you will not be able to sign in. You'll end up entering your username and password a couple of times and still not get into PayPal...why?...because you just gave your username and password away. Same for your bank account, eBay account, credit card account, etc. - Another way to know is that they will usually have a generic salutation and will not use your name. In the picture they call me PayPal customer. Call us with any questions you might have.

Q: Outlook Express keeps popping up a box informing me that it is not the default email program and would I like to make it the default email program. I keep clicking on the yes button but every time I start the program it keeps showing me this message. I've gone to Internet Options and I can't choose it as the default email program.

A: This problem can sometimes happen as a result of installing an older version of Microsoft Office or Works on your computer. Here's how to re-register Outlook Express as the default email application:

Go to Start, Run, type " in the following:

"C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" /reg

Be sure and include the quotation marks. Once you've done that, close the current window, click Start, Control Panel and then open up your Internet Options, or, you could open Internet Explorer and click Tools then Internet Options. Either way you cet to this window is fine. Then select the Programs tab. Here you can select your default e-mail program. Just choose Outlook Express and click OK.

Now when you start Outlook Express you should no longer be asked any questions.

Q: My computer seems to be running slow lately. I've also noticed that my homepage has changed or that I have a new toolbar in my internet browser. What's up?

A: Chances are you've been infected with adware & spyware.
Download Spybot Search and Destroy and then download Lavasoft Adaware Personal SE. Install Spybot first. Get any available updates. Run a scan. Then install Adaware, get updates then perform a scan.

Q: I'm having a problem with pop-up ads. How do I stop them?

A: Download Popup Stopper Free. I don't think there's any programs that will stop all pop-ups but this free software does a good job. If you have Windows XP you can XP Service Pack 2 that will also help with pop-ups. Some people swear that Google toolbar helps block a bunch of pop-ups. You can look at it and click the link to download it here.

Q: What do you recommend for an antivirus program? And are there any decent free antivirus programs?

A: I recommend Norton Antivirus. I've found this program to catch the greatest number of threats. Just remember to keep your virus definitions updated. I think it's worth the money to get this program as it works better than the free ones. If you do not want to spend money but still want some protection, I would recommend downloading Grisoft AVG.

Q: I can't open attachments in Outlook Express. I can see the attached files but they're grayed out and I can't click on them. How do I open them?

A: Open Outlook Express. Click on Tools, then Options. Click on the Security tab. You need to remove the check from the box by "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus". Click Apply then click OK. Close Outlook Express. Now reopen Outlook Express and see if you can open your attachments. This should work. Contact us for more information.

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